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Ryan Rivers - Relationship Rewind
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Relationship Rewind is the process of rewinding your relationship to an earlier time, perhaps when you first met and fell in love. Relationship Rewind teaches couples who are on the verge of divorce, to reconcile their relationship and fall in love all over again.
If you seek to win your love of life back when time has distanced you from your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or even someone you once dated, Relationship Rewind will help you win her over once again.
How is Relationship Rewind Different?
Whether the relationship has already been broken off, or if you just want to rekindle that passion you once had for one another, Relationship Rewind will help you achieve your goals. This program differs from the advice of other professional couples counselors’ in that most couples counselors will tell you to cut off contact with your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend for a specified length of time, such as 30 days. During that time, you are instructed to work on yourself. You are told that you should work on self improvement, such as eliminating bad habits, taking the focus off of you and doing things for others.

**I'm looking for The Girlfriend Activation System by Christian Hudson if someone has it or knows where I can find it please leave a link in the comment section below**

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